If you are wanting to learn more about our clinic, and whether our practice is right for you. Don’t take our word for it! Take a look at the families that have joined us and the results they have seen from Dr. Rannulu, and the entire staff!

“Texas has one of the greatest doctor’s. I say unfortunately because Dr Sudath Rannulu was my daughter’s doctor when he was in New York and he’s the best pediatrician to have. Compassion. Caring understanding along with being a funny doctor. Your children are under the best care with Dr Rannulu caring for your children.”     Melissa Stollman
“I absolutely love Dr.Ran, he is amazing at what he does and great with the kids.. No doubt in my mind about what he says because he is very experienced and so nice. We are glad he is here and look forward to what the future holds.”     Courtney Diane Christian
“Dr. Rannulu was one of the best pediatricians ever. From my 19 year old down to my newborn, they all loved him. He always remembered details about my whole family and took the time to ask about them all. That always amazed me about him, not only that he could remember, but that he cared enough to ask! He was extremely knowledgeable yet he also valued and respected my own “mother’s intuition” We miss him dearly in New York. If he’s in your area, our loss is your gain.”     Jacqueline Wilcox
“Doctor is amazing, fast and very good care. The doctor took the time to talk to my teenage son. He is caring and the most amazing pediatric I’ve seen so far.”     Rosie Ramos